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Whether you subscribe to the ADDIE principles of Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation to ensure courses meet your learning objectives or you prefer a more AGILE approach like SAM, we are here to work within your process guidelines (or help you develop some!). We will also follow the Action Mapping process to target learning for performance and action taking!

Let’s work together to achieve your e-learning goals and improve learner outcomes.

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We get how learning happens

The team at e-Learning Pros Instructional Design Inc. is passionate about helping clients achieve an educated, skilled, engaged, and competent workforce.

We deliver learning solutions using technology, but we really “get” what learning is and how learning happens – not just what can be used to create a great online learning experience.

Our team of instructional designers, developers, and project managers have been involved in all aspects of training and professional development. We use the latest software to create your courses including the following popular development tools:

Understanding LMS and Development Technology

Would it surprise you to know that our team of designers and developers is also familiar with several learning management systems (LMSs)? We understand LMSs and backend development technology and build courses to contribute to your corporate learning strategies. We help you build learning that contributes to performance management components such as:




Take a look at some of the learning management systems we’ve worked with. We’ve built and tested courses for several others.

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We are a boutique e-learning design and development company that specializes in creating dynamic, engaging and immersive learning experiences, designed with your specific objectives in mind.

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"I am thankful for this incredibly talented professional as a collaborator who also feels like part of our team."

Jacqueline was pivotal in helping us take our content to make it engaging and beneficial to our learners. Her collaborative nature, excitement for design work, and willingness to coax our organization into trying new tools for learning have helped us create a hugely successful program. We launched our Learning Center in January 2022 with thirty courses, and with the help of Jacqueline, we now have seventy-six and a list of eighty additional courses we plan to develop in the next 18 months. The courses consistently score high marks with our learners, who have rated them at 90% or higher.

Jacqueline and her team continue to be top-notch, and I cannot express how grateful I am to have met her. I am thankful for this incredibly talented professional as a collaborator who also feels like part of our team. She took time to learn about our mission to expand the quality and capacity of recovery housing across the U.S., connect with our subject matter experts to put their nuances to the content, and really create courses and animations that capture the heart of who we are, who we serve, and the best practices of substance use disorder recovery support.

As the project manager of the Learning Center, I am pleased to recommend Jacqueline Hutchinson and E-Learning Pros to you. The work is amazing, as is Jacqueline and her team. I look forward to continuing our work together long into the future. I guarantee you will not be able to find a better collaborator for your education projects.

K. Coburn
Fletcher Group, Inc.